About Snowmass

Since the inception of our program, Snowmass Alpacas has strived to continually push the boundaries of possibility in alpaca fiber. After three decades of uncompromising devotion to that vision, the vast majority of our herd is now producing Ultra Royal grade (13-17 micron) and Royal grade (18-19 micron) alpaca fiber.

While Snowmass genetics have been sought-after by discerning alpaca breeders for years, Snowmass fiber has now been getting the attention of discerning textile manufacturers. Due to these recent developments, it is with great pleasure that we present the first ever collection of Snowmass Alpacas textiles.

These limited edition pieces were made exclusively by experts hands of Peruvian Mill Masters and craftsman to showcase Snowmass Ultra Royal Alpaca §

Each piece proudly represents the ancient expertise of Peruvian textile manufactures, and Snowmass Alpaca’s vision of producing luxury textiles.

Snowmass International 

§ Snowmass Ultra Royal Alpaca, and resulting acronym, are trademarks of Snowmass Alpacas LLC.